Muslim Wife who was Abused in Her Marriage, wins souls for Christ

It’s so amazing that a Muslim woman who was struggling to stay alive in her abusive marriage can end up bringing more than a thousand former Muslims to Christ.

Annahita Parsan was one woman in Iran who was powerless and insignificant whose only hope was that she might one day find a good husband which she did. As life would have it , she lost her husband and found herself trapped in a second marriage full of violence and promises nothing but death.

In her words, she said that the period of abuse by her second husband was total darkness as she did not know anything. As a result of incessant attacks by her husband, she wanted to join ISIS but met Jesus instead and was delivered from demons on camera.

In her book, Stranger No More, Parsan said she was beaten with a shovel by her then husband and this brought about the thought to commit suicide with the use of pills but she survived.
Who would have thought that the bruised Parsan would eventually lead two churches in Sweden and speak before the Queen of Sweden.

Parsan’s daughter Roksana was not left out in the abuse either when her father threatened to slit her throat when she was a small child just because she made request of more cookies.

And although she writes about the abuse in her book, Stranger No More, Parsan doesn’t like to talk about it now.

Her daughter Roksana remembers when her father threatened to slit her throat when she was just a small child.

Roksana said her mother was just striving to survive and make a better life for them which she thought was something God had implanted in her for the sake of holding on to something.

One would say that the story of Annahita Parsan’s journey in meeting with Christ best qualify for Hollywood movies with captions of several brushes with death.

In 1984, Parsan and her family fled through the mountains to turkey where she and her daughter faced more danger before landing in a Turkish prison. Finally making it to Denmark, Parsan divorced her abusive husband and for the first time came in contact with the gospel after which she and her two children moved to Sweden and profess their christianship from then on.

Annahita got into ministry and has led more than 1,500 Muslims to Christ. She also leads two churches and trains other churches how to reach out to and disciple Muslim background believers. Former Muslims hungry for ‘the God who loves’ fill her church each Sunday. Parsan was convictions was based on God’s word in Jeremiah chapter 49, verse 39: “But in the latter days I will restore the fortunes of Elam, declares the Lord.”

Personalizing Elam as Parsan, Parsan said having read that scripture she knew the verse was relating to them and it’s amazing”.

“Although Sweden is a free country but it’s dangerous as Muslim immigrations has made it a home for dangerous radicals” parsan said. In her statement, parsan said she has received death threats and lives with the knowledge that she could be killed.

Annahita Parsan having lived an hopeless life in Iran saw no purpose in her abusive marriage but God had a plan for her, she said

“God loved me and he was in my life from the beginning,” Parsan said. “Sometimes [when reflecting on her life] I think, wow, it’s beautiful.”

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