CORONAVIRUS: Autumn Miles Set to hold a Day Prayer and Fasting

The fear of the outbreak of deadly Coronavirus keep springing up from on nation to other, Autumn Miles is using this medium to call for people to join her in a day nationwide prayer and fasting on March 20 and also encouraged people to overturn their fear with faith.

She said; “Throughout the Bible, we see examples of fasting in times of crisis,” Miles said. “We talk a lot about the faith of a mustard seed being able to move mountains, but we rarely talk about the next statement in that passage, which says ‘this kind of faith does not go out except by prayer and fasting.”

The author and speaker made it known that this is the right time to rely more on God in faith of our Lord Jesus Christ over the crisis with a focus on prayer and fasting rather than fear.

“Fasting is our secret weapon of prayer,” “Fasting produces supernatural things in us and for us. I can’t explain it, except to say that God moves when we sacrifice for him. And if there was ever a time we needed God to move in a mighty way, it’s now.” Miles added.

The author will lead the corporate prayer online via facebook live and also provide scriptures to individuals who will be participating in the prayer and fasting.

According to CBNNEWS All those who are fasting will be inspired to pray for a complete end to the expansion of the coronavirus, recovery for those presently affected, and for the illnesses impact on the global situation to be overturned. To sign up, visit

“I’m encouraging every Christian in this nation and across the world to fast Biblically from all food or drink except water,” said Autumn. “Just fasting from luxuries like social media is not really a sacrifice. When you are desperate for God to move, you sacrifice based on the severity of that need.”
We are all encouraged to lean on our Father to find peace and hope during these trying times.

Autumn Miles is a dynamic speaker and host of The Autumn Miles Show, which airs on the Salem Radio Network in Dallas. In addition to her newest book, Gangster Prayer, she is the author of Appointed and I am Rahab. Miles has appeared on multiple outlets to share her story, including The New Yorker, CBN’s The 700 Club and TLC.

Her writing has been published at The Washington Post, The Dallas Morning News, Christianity Today, Religion News Service and Fox News. For more information, visit

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