This is the continuation of this topic from our last discourse.

You need to understand that whatever we are doing, if truly it is backed by God then we should continue doing it because that is the wind generation after us will be riding on for a greater manifestation.
Jesus asked the woman to give him water. You know it is an irony when the water of life is asking you for water.

You need to know that sometimes God want you not to depend on your strength but rather depend on him. Or sometimes God want use that as a channel of blessing. Just as in the case of tithing.There is a need to ride on the legacy of those that have gone before you so that you can provide a better platform for the ones coming after you.Jacob did his own best by providing well of water but Jesus came to provide living water. However, he needed to use the available provision to fulfill this mission that was why the woman asked in John 4:12 that are you greater than our father Jacob who gave us this well?But when Jesus made the woman to understand that well water is different from living water, she had to request for the living water and this became the beginning of the solution to her marital life. Genesis 4:16-18.Now, Jesus began to teach her act of worship that true worship to God must be done in spirit and in truth. This implies that , if your worship is not done in spirit and in truth, then you are not worshiping God because God is Spirit and it only take a spiritual man to have access to the spiritual realm.
Jesus said the hour is coming, but let me tell you that the hour is now!. Then what is worshiping?The first place worship was mentioned in the bible was Genesis 22:5. But we all know that Abraham was ready to sacrifice his son but a lamb was provided for the sac rice. This simply means worship is a sacrifice unto the Lord as it is done in prompt obedience to God so that His name may be glorified.Can I ask you that are you really worshiping God in spirit and in truth?Jesus loves you, click here to claim it

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