Coronavirus: Lou Engle Organizes 3-day Esther fasting and prayer

Several ministries have been organizing prayer and fasting against the deadly coronavirus, so is Lou Engle having an Esther 3-days global fast starting from March 18th to 20th.

The leader of the ministry noted that the fast will focus on crying and humbling ourselves before God and confessing our sins for God to have mercy.

Engle explained that he began praying to God about having a worldwide fast against the coronavirus. “For the past several days, we’ve been asking the Lord, ‘Shall we call a three-day Esther Fast worldwide to resist this virus?'”

According to CBNNEWS, Religious leaders started reaching out to Engle, prompting him to start a 3-day fast.
“Evangelist Jean-Luc Trachsel said, ‘Don’t miss this moment. Call a three-day fast across the world and shatter this coronavirus’,” Engle said.

In a message, Andy Byrd of The Send wrote, “Lou, would you call a three-day fast in the midst of this 40-day fast and call the Church to stand against and rebuke this coronavirus? It is threatening the global advance of evangelism and missions and is determined to stop stadium Christianity.”
As explained in the book of Esther 4:16, those that will observe the fast will give up food and water for three days and all Christians are encouraged to partake in this exercise.

On Sunday’s National Day of Prayer, Dr. James Dobson offered an uplifting prayer.
“Heavenly Father, we thank you for inviting us to bring our cares and concerns to You because as the Scripture tells us You care about us. We can’t explain why You’re mindful of us. But we know that nothing escapes Your notice including those in our midst who are suffering and fearful.”

“So, Lord, we do call on Your name, not just about our personal concerns but for the entire human family around the world. We want You to give wisdom and guidance to our president and to the international leaders as they do their best to protect the people from the coronavirus. Be with the scientists as they seek to develop a vaccination to bring this epidemic to an end. We are in Your hands today, Lord, and we thank You for loving us. Amen.”

To join the 3-Day Global Esther Fast, click here.

Jesus loves you, click here to claim it

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