COVID-19: Community Gather to “bombard Heaven with our prayers”

Community in Bartow County gathered at Cartersville Medical Center to pray in circle and encourage the spirits of the hospital staffs and patients battling Coronavirus.

This was posted on the facebook page of the hospital, the community came together to sing and pray, filling up the hospital parking lot as individual sat in their vehicle and tune in to the prayer and song via radios.

The organize, Camden McGill of the event noted she is ready to see the end of the pandemic. “It’s hit close to home, a lot of people have been affected by this, and we’re just ready to see it go,” she said.

The hospital staff joined the gathering from the hospital’s rooftop by wavering to the song popular gospel song “Way Maker” by Nigeria Christian artist, Sinach.

Accroding to CBNNEWS, Michelle Anderson has worked for Cartersville Medical Center for 26 years and said the support from her community has been unbelievable.
“I’ve never been more proud to work here in all the years I’ve worked here, the community outpouring is unbelievable,” Anderson said.

The special event brought together a body of believers – focused on finding encouragement from our God, who will make a way.

“We bombarded Heaven with our prayers. We’ve already had testimonies coming in from that. It’s just a blessing, all credited to the Lord,” McGill added.

“We’re all in this together, and acts of kindness from our colleagues and communities prove that every day.” As posted by one the hospital staff on Facebook.

Every prayer counts, remember those that are infected and fight against the virus in your prayers.

Jesus loves you, click here to claim it

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