Man with COVID-19 gets healed after an encounter with God

As the CONVID-19 cases increases with infections and death so do we have an unusual increase of testimonies of those recovered from the virus infections.

Clay Bentley, a COVID-19 recovering patient testified to international news on how he felt the move of God in his life at the point of the viral illness. Being hospitalized for 12 days at Georgia hospital for contracting coronavirus, Clay told the CBN News how severe his condition was and how the hope of surviving the virus was dashed by the doctors.

Clay recalling the words of the doctors to the CBN News corresponent said “They say, you know, we put these antibiotics through their system, and they said, ‘You are in worse shape today than when you entered the hospital,”It’s 10 times stronger than the flu. When it hits, it hits you like a hammer.”

In his second interview with the Fox News, Clay told the Fox News about the miraculous moment he experienced just as he was about to be placed on the respirator by the doctors.

He said “I felt like I had a man lying on my chest and I couldn’t breathe,” he explained. “And the weight of this man was crushing me and I couldn’t breathe at all. And then all of a sudden, I felt the breath entering me. It was the Lord on my chest. When he breathed inside me, I felt the power of God hit”.

As he relayed the moment of encounter with the Lord to the CBN News, he said he couldn’t breathe at all, and suddenly, he felt the Lord. “I mean, his presence was there, and I felt air blowing into my lungs,” he said.

After his experience at the hospital, Clay has been moved to his home to be quarantined and eagerly awaits full recovery to meet his family again.

On the other hand, Clay’s wife was released from the quarantine of her own home though she was never tested and has not developed the virus. She lives downstairs while Clay stays in his room, picking up the meals that are left for him at the door.

“I cannot be with my family,” Bentley told Fox News. “I’m still locked in my room here at home, but you know that at least I have the luxury of being home.”

Clay was infected by COVID-19 after he sang in the choir of the Freedom Square Church in Cartersville, GA. Since then, other members of the church have also been hospitalized. Unfortunately, one of them Elizabeth Wells, 65, died on Wednesday.

Clay shared his last moment with Elizabeth with Fox News. He said he has been crying for her. In his words, he said “It breaks my heart to know that other people in the church are sick and that there is nothing I can do. I stayed awake nights praying for them. I am still praying for those who are still in the hospital. I just pray they get the same relief as me. ”

According to the latest data gathered on Tuesday from NBC, 3,539 deaths and 179,446 infections have been registered so far, of which more than a third have occurred in the state of New York.

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