“Give me your 5-minute gospel preaching” Justin Bieber requested, as he discuss ’Who Is Jesus? ’ With Pastor Rich Wilkerson on Instagram

Justin Bieber with Pastor Rick Wilkerson, partnered on discussion of Gospel of Jesus Christ and Christian related topics which include, salvation, sing and forgiveness on Instagram.

At the beginning, Justin asked Pastor Wilkerson, who is Jesus? What is the gospel?” after telling the audience “Give me your 5-minute gospel preaching.”

“The gospel is the good news,” Wilkerson replied. “And the good news of Jesus is that.. all of us were born broken, we all have a desire for God, a hole in our soul.. but Jesus came to fill the hole. We believe that Jesus is God’s son, He came to this world in the form of a man, He lived a spotless and perfect life.. and He became the atoning sacrifice; He paid the price for our sin.” “Because of [Jesus’] sacrifice, because of His death, we don’t have to fear the wrath of God.”

“He didn’t just die, he resurrected. And the fact that He resurrected means He’s alive today. His spirit wants to live through us,” Wilkerson added.

“God’s love is greater than any mistake we’ve ever made.”
Bieber then asked: “Do you think we need to earn God’s love.”

“There’s no way to earn it,” Wilkerson replied. “You couldn’t do enough good things to be good enough, and you can’t do enough bad things to be bad enough.”
“Trust and believe in what He’s done for us. He paid the price. We just simply believe.”

“What is grace?” Bieber asked.

“Grace by definition is the unmerited favor of God,” Wilkerson replied. “Grace is God’s empowerment on our lives. Grace is the bridge from us to God.”

“That’s why we need Jesus,” Justin added. “That is the grace… [Jesus] took the punishment himself so that we don’t have to live in shame or fear. God sent his perfect son, who knew no sin and became sin so that we could become right with God.”

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Justin continued: “The most important thing to be grateful for is having that hope for your soul.”

“My future is secure knowing that I’m forgiven, I’m saved, I’m set free from my past. I don’t have to live in sin or shame… I can live free.”

In conclusion, Justin Bieber offered the gospel of Jesus Christ to the listeners;
“The good news is that matter who you are or what you’ve done. No matter how bad you think you are or how messed up you think your life is…God is not afraid of your mess. He’s not ashamed of what you’ve done. He wants you to come with open arms and accept what He’s done for you.”

“It’s as simple as just saying ‘Jesus, I accept what you did for me, I believe you are God, and I ask you to forgive me for my sins.”

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