Brazil’s President calls for a national day of prayer and fasting to end coronavirus in Brazil

Following the criticism over the increasing number of coronavirus related death in Brazil, The Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has called for a national day of prayer and fasting to free Brazil from the evil of coronavirus.

This was announced after President Jair met with the Pentecostal evangelical pastors. Speaking at the Jovem pan radio station, he said he will call for a day fasting and prayer with the help of pastors and religious leaders to free Brazil from this evil as soon as possible.

As reported by the CBN, Bolsonaro was said to have confirmed his faith in Jesus in February during a Christian worship and missions event called “The Send back”
The CoVID-19 cases in Brazil increased to 9,056 while deaths rates increased from 299 to 359 as of Friday.

Days after traveling with Bolsonaro yo a meeting with president Trump in Florida, Bolsonaro’s communication director tested positive for the virus.

Brazilian Congressman Marco Feliciano, also an evangelical pastor, said, “Brazil is in a serious crisis as the forces of evil are rising against a God-fearing Christian president and family defender. Sunday will be a day of fasting.”

A pastor also took to tweeter , saying, “President Bolsonaro has called the Brazilians to a national fast and prayer of repentance on April 5th.”

An Assemblies of God pastor, Silas Malafaia was of the opinion that the national day of prayer begins at midnight on Saturday and lasts until midday Sunday.

Bolsonaro’s motto is: “Brazil above everything, God above all.” He believes it is a powerful statement about the importance of the higher truth beyond politics.

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