Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi

Rapture this, rapture that!
Jesus is coming soon this and that.

Preacher man, if Jesus is coming, so should we pack our bags or something?
Rapture, so we should wash our cloths or brush our tooth or something?
Rapture, you mean we should bath with the blood of Bull or Lion?
If Jesus is coming, let him come.

We will go with him!
If Jesus is coming, he will go with us!
Don’t threaten us here and there with that!
That is the reaction of a generation facing severe crisis.

Can I tell you something about the second coming of Jesus?
It is going to be the next greatest event that will shock all the continents of the world.

Do you know that no matter how busy you claim to be that it will concern you?
Everything that has been taking you away from Him will be suspended!
Nature will hands off for the supernatural
One wonderful thing is that it’s going to happen in a hurry!

It will be a day of exposition and separation!
Exposition of the goats, separation of the sheep from the goats.

It’s one that day that those that miss will have several people to blame!
Some will blame their Pastor, some will blame their lover, some will blame their love for money and different other things.
And do you know?

“When the event is over there shall be revival among those who have chosen to stay behind not because there will be a second chance, no, but because the reality of the event would have struck them like a thunderbolt. But they will have to pay with their own blood”

“When this great event is over, each time those who will miss their flight manage to gather for worship, they will pay attention to only one sermon- whether they gather in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North or South America; the sermon will only centre on “How to Meet the Divine Standard and Join the Other Saints”

“It is also worthy to note that those who will be left behind will never have any business with comedians at their altars anymore. No! There shall no longer be gatherings for entertainments. Whenever, they manage to gather, it shall always be for serious religious business only”

“The prayer pattern of those who will be left behind will also undergo a radical change. They will not be praying for things anymore. They will only be praying for strength to withstand the tortures of the Anti-Christ and die bravely to join the other saints. None will be praying for jobs, marriages, etc”

“There shall also be a radical change in the attitude of those who will miss their flight towards Bible study. What we have now is an attitude characterized by a high degree of nonchalance and indifference, but when the ready saints are gone, those who will be left behind will begin to take their bible study seriously”

Even ones left will love the Lord
They will pray
They will study
They will do everything they were once asked to do and they refused and argued about.

And the greatest wonder of heaven will be the absence of those we expected to see and the presence of those we never expected to see!

If you think your stand, take heed!

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