The devil and the Agenda setting Theory

Who is the devil?
Whence he come from?
What is his mission?
And how possible is it for him to get man?

This has been the questions that resonates my soul.
Answers to these, I began to detect that the devil is an Agenda Setter, Just as it applies to Media. Do I mean the Media is devil, because it sets agenda, No. I mean the devil himself is an expert agenda Setter.
Be aware, that an Agenda setting is effective when the Media plays into air what the people should think and not what to think, so is the devil.

In my most quiet time, I begin to know how the devil works and I have come to realize that as every man wakes up to set an agenda (to-do list) for himself for the day, so does the devil has an agenda crafted out from his cunning ways for that same man. So he brings to picture what a man should think, this is known as his perfect plan. He succeeds by winning over that man via coincidental events that aligns with the agenda he has prepared for the man.

The Good news is that our Lord is so gracious that irrespective of devils trick, he always comes up with alternatives for man. The question to answer, is why is it that man still gets trapped despite multitude of alternate ways from God. The scripture says, Early will I seek the Lord, seek God in all your ways. (Psalm 63:1)

It is not enough to just wake up in the morning to thank God for keeping us safe from the evil of the night, what about the evil of the day? Or are we saying there is no evil in day time (Psalms 91:5, Matthew 6:34).

The devil’s daily agenda is one of the day time evil. If you don’t know, every little thing in the kingdom of God counts.

The devil plays in our head what we should think of but will never make decision on our behalf. The best he can do is to cloud the entirety of our hearts but this can only be possible if there is no iota of light in you.

And once the prediction of the devil over man is right the next thing he says is, thank God I did not decide for him, he made decisions himself. Imagine the devil thanking God that he did not push you into sin. If the devil can’t push you into SIN, why should you push yourself.

The truth is we can’t do without the devil while on earth, but you can only resist him.
The scripture says (James 4:7) resist the devil and he will flee from you. Give everything you have to make the devil run from you. When he brings fear or evil thoughts into you, don’t dwell on it, because once you do you give him attention and once he gets your attention, you are in for it.

Except you have the Light to overcome him
You can’t have the light and even give attention to the devil in the first place. Why? Because Christ is always in you to answer once he perceive the presence of the devil.

Now we know about the devil’s agenda but what can we do not to buy into this agenda?
The only thing we can do is to seek the Most High Agenda early enough before the devil submit his.

©Modupe Fadiro

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