Survey says majority of pastors Agreed that Current Event is an End Time sign

A survey that was conducted between Jan. 24-Feb. 11 and sponsored by Chosen People Ministries, Alliance for the Peace of Jerusalem, Rich and Judy Hastings, and the Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary shows the opinion of pastors on current events as sign of the End Times and returning of Jesus.

LifeWay Research survey calls this overwhelming as majority of the pastors attest that it is a sign of the end time, 97 percent believe that Jesus will “literally and personally return to Earth again,” and 56 percent believe Jesus will return in their lifetime.

One of the questions asked that “consider any of the following types of current events to be the ‘birth pains’ that Jesus was referring to when he was asked by his disciples when he would return” The question referenced Jesus’ words in Matthew 24. The following statics shows the pastors response, one for the each option.

83 % said the “rise of false prophets and false teachings,” 81 %, went for “love of many believers growing cold,” while 79 % said “traditional morals becoming less accepted,” 78% says “wars and national conflicts,” 76 % went for “earthquakes and other natural disasters,” then 75 % voted the “number of people abandoning their Christian faith,” while 70 % went for famines and 63 % choose “anti-Semitism toward Jewish people worldwide.”

The executive director LifeWay Research, Scott McConnell said in an online analysis of the survey that “While Christians prepare to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, many pastors believe they see signs his return may be close.” He continued that “These sentiments were expressed in January before the prospect of a global pandemic became known.”

While about 70 % believed that that the “modern rebirth of the State of Israel and the re-gathering of millions of Jewish people were fulfillments of Bible prophecy.”
Christian Headlines noted that a full 40 percent of pastors believe the “Christian church has fulfilled or replaced the nation of Israel in God’s plan.”

The survey also asked pastors their views on amillennialism, postmillennialism and premillennialism.
Most pastors considered themselves premillennial:

60% believe the millennium “will be a future literal 1,000-year period during which Jesus reigns on earth following Christ’s second coming (often called premillennialism).” 21 %believe the millennium “is a symbolic way of describing the period between Christ’s ascension and second coming where Christ is reigning spiritually (often called amillennialism).” 9 %t believe the millennium “is not a literal 1,000 years, but an era in which the world will gradually grow more Christian and just ending with Christ’s second coming (often called postmillennialism).”

“The current global pandemic will create interest among churchgoers and nonreligious people about what the Bible says about plagues, disasters, and the end times,” McConnell said. “The urgency pastors feel is less about stockpiling toilet paper and more about helping people be ready for Christ’s return.”

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