Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi

By now, your name would’ve been written on different papers that many pastors are praying on, courtesy of them!

If you were still that deadly guy, your father may be in camp of faith now, asking God to wipe the shame you’re bringing him!
Friend, I would tell you, the day you decide to start responding to the demands of your destiny, the first person that may fight you may not be a witch or a wizard!

The day you start praying to catch up with the days you lost while you were smoking and womanizing before you got into Christ, the person that may fight you may be your Pastor!
That same man that loved you so much that brought you the good news of Jesus.

It may even be your mother that taught you how to pray that may first discourage you to become prayerless again!
The same woman that was praying for you to give your life to Christ that time that the devil was drinking Mirinda with your life!
If you thought it may be a witch, no! It may be a believer!

Everything they may be saying now is that you pray too much,
You fast too much…
You now always alone!
They may even accuse you and everything would be to make sure you don’t rise again!
If the devil had succeeded in making you an armed robber or a prostitute….Your father who would’ve been crying in camps now, praying, giving your name to men of God to talk to God on his behalf because of the shame you would’ve been bringing to the family, may not clap for you now that you are in Christ either!

If you’re waiting for someone to encourage you before you serve God, you may die an idol worshipper.

If you’re waiting for your mother to celebrate the fire you caught, you may die fireless Sir!
Your mother who prayed for your salvation may even be the first to call you a false prophet!

Your father who would’ve been afraid of you if you were a harlot may even slap you now because you went for choir rehearsal!
But can I tell you?
If no one calls you a fool when you start your walk with God, you didn’t start well.. Start again!

If on your street, there are no people thinking you’re wasting your time serving God, start again!
Since you became a disciple of Jesus and started carrying Bible, you mean no one has said it’s like Church has entered your head???

Please go and look for streets where they will say you’re mad for Jesus!
No one has criticized your prayer life???
Please start again now!
More seriously!

Wait for the encouragement of no man!
Be that true soldier that would only drop his sword at the foot of the master!
It’s okay to cry!
You’re human!

People are not encouraging you! The cloud of witnessing, David, Paul, Peter and all the many billions of saints at the gallery are cheering you up!
No one may encourage you, encourage yourself okay?

“Odimma ibu enyi Jesus
Ezindu di na ya!
Udo ya zuru oke!
Enyi gi ga arapugi
Ikwu gi ga aju gi….” (Nigerian Igbo Song)

Luke 14:26 If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.

Our call is a call unto one priority!
Not Mother, not father, not sister… But Jesus, others can follow!
He is the one to look up to brother/sister!
Sometimes, you may cry but dry your tears and blow your nose!
Jesus is near thee!

Let us pray!

Jesus loves you, click here to claim it

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