“The churches are not shut down” Franklin Graham asserted

In a discussion with Ben Shapiro Show Sunday, Evangelist Franklin Graham encourage beliver to obey authority as related to Coronavirus. The Christian Post reports that Graham told Shapiro “we can’t slow down” when asked how he, his family and organization are doing in the pandemic.

In line with the rules of some states many churches have shut down in order to maintain the social distance rules, Graham said “we need to obey those in authority.

That’s what the Bible teaches,” he added that, “The churches are not shut down,”
“I think more people are attending online services than they did when they were meeting in person.”

Graham emphasized that the Church “needs to continue to be the Church.”

“But I’d just encourage pastors across the country to obey those that are in authority. And I think that’s what the congregations would expect us to do,” he said, calling the virus very infectious and deadly. “Especially for those who have underlying health issues, this could be a death sentence,” he added.

Graham, son of the late evangelical leader Billy Graham as the CEO and president of humanitarian aid organization Samaritan’s Purse noted how the organization have trying to help in providing aid and care for those that are infected, he said, “Samaritan’s Purse’s mission is to, in the name of Jesus, show that God cares for His people “and has not turned His back on them.”

Despite his stand on marriage and being a pro – life, he noted that they care for everyone as far as you come without any segregation “We’re there to serve the people of New York, anyone who comes. It doesn’t matter who they are, we’re gonna help them, we’re gonna love them, we’re going to care for them and we’re gonna give them the best medical care we possibly can. We’re not gonna give anything less than best, Graham asserted.

“Everybody’s welcomed and if a gay or transgender person shows up at the hospital, we’ll show them the same love and compassion and give them the same world-class healthcare that we give to anybody else that comes,” he said before clarifying that the company does, however, require its employees to hold the same Christian beliefs as the company.

“We are Christian; we are not an equal opportunity employer,” he clarified, “We don’t do that. “The doctors and nurses are all Christians and what motivates us is our faith in Jesus Christ and that’s what we have in common and that’s what makes us go forward.”

Listen to the full podcast episode here.

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