‘Christ the Redeemer’ now ‘Christ the Physician’ as the statue is lit up like a doctor with the word “Thanks”

The famous Christ the Redeemer was projected as a doctor in Rio de Janeiro with Thank you in Potruguese in appreciation to the health workers and front liners fighting the coronavirus pandemic around the world.

Projections playing across the statue showed flags from across the globe with the words “thank you” in different languages. The display was designed to show gratitude and offer a message of hope to medical personnel on the frontline of the pandemic. CBNNEWS Reports.

“This is a homage,” says Omar Raposo, priest in charge of the Sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer. “A homage to all the health workers that are on the front line dedicated to the people that are, unfortunately, infected with COVID-19.”

The toll in the infections of the disease rises day by day with increase in death recorded but health workers have been restlessly trying to contain the pandemic with high risk of been infected too and also try to encourage patients.

In order to help the curiosity of the patient which could help a speedy recovery, health workers have dives several creative means to soothing the anxieties as a nurse was seen playing guitar and singing the song ‘’Amazing Grace” outside patients’ rooms to boost their spirits.

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