God’s protection kept a South Carolina woman and her family from deadly tornado

While a devastating tornado ripped through Orangeburg County, Allison Ritter and her four children were inside their home bracing for the worst, The Index Journal reports.

“I started hearing all the wind blowing, windows breaking, trees cracking, debris just hitting up against the house. It was a lot,” she said.
With little time to react, she grabbed her children and they huddled together inside a bathroom.

Despite the chaos surrounding her, Ritter called on God’s protection to shield her and the children. CBNNEWS reports

“I just wanted to make sure we were safe,” she said. “None of the kids knew what was going on. Between all the wind blowing and trees falling, I just kept calling on Jesus. That’s all I know to do in a case like this. He just kept His hand over us.”

“I am so thankful. I just thank God for shielding and protecting us through this storm because I hear many didn’t make it,” Ritter added.

While coping with challenges of coronavirus, nine people were killed during the disastrous situation as the Governor says they will work together to get out of this.

McMaster tweeted, “SC is a big family, and we’re going to take care of each other. The worst nature can throw at us will only bring out the best in us.”

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