Christian Converts increase rapidly amid Pandemic as Churches move Online

Most churches have to move from corporate physical worship to an online service due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic in order to maintain the social distancing rules.

This online engagement has began to yield rapid growth, lead pastor of Churchsome, Judah Smith experience over 100 percent growth of the Chruchsome app which people can sign in to worship which include an inspiring message, time to connect with God through music and meet with others in the live digital lobby! Our hope is that our community would continue to find encouraging ways to connect even when it’s difficult to gather together in this season.”

It was recorded that attendance is up by 139 percent, and the “Pastor Chat” usage has increased by 40 percent in this pandemic season.

“I think we have an opportunity, actually, to engage at a deeper level,” told Smith to Fox News. “We’re finding that actually being home, engaging face-to-face is going to lead us actually to an interesting place in faith and I think will change how we worship going forward.”

“This is an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and learn to love your neighbor as yourself,” Smith continues. “I think church at home and church in smaller settings is going to be a massive trend going for many, many years.”

Christian Post reported that Global Media Outreach (GMO), a ministry specializing in online evangelism has gone from reaching 350,000 people per day to upwards of 500,000 globally. “an unprecedented rise in conversions and inquiries about faith, God and the Bible due to heightened anxiety and fear levels associated with the coronavirus.”

“It’s a great way to do evangelism because 97 percent of the world has access to an internet or satellite signal.” “So with the proliferation of smartphones and mobile devices, literally anybody on the planet can be reached.” President Jeff Gowler told the Christian Post.

He reiterates that emotions and needs are heightened during this time, making people reach out for help. “We’re not going out and asking people, ‘Do you want to know about Jesus?’” said Thompson. “People are coming to us saying, ‘I need hope. Where can I find hope in the face of tragedy, anxiety, bankruptcy, whatever?’ When people are in pain, we offer encouragement and hope.

They’re coming to us, looking for answers, and so we get great receptivity.”
There are been increase in interaction with members as churches have imbibed all online strategies to keep church services on ranging from live broadcast, pre-recorded videos and video conferences.

According to Lightworkers, Dumbarton United Methodist Church posted a photo of a video conference church service on their Facebook. The service even included a baptism, and one of the churchgoers could even be seen watching from a beach. They wrote, “With in-person church services canceled, we held a successful Zoom (video conference) service on Sunday morning…joys and concerns were texted to be read… You could still hear babies crying at the service and hymn singing, but alas there was no coffee hour!”

“God is working,” Thompson concluded. “It’s just one piece of amazing evidence of what God is able to do in the lives of people, particularly that are willing to seek Him—through the internet.”

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