Christian Mother Imprisoned for Homeschooling, set free in Cuba

A Christian couple was sent to prison for homeschooling their children last year April in Cuba due to promotion of socialism and atheism in Cuban public schools.

Pastor Ramon Rigal and his wife Ayda were sentenced to two years and 18 months respectively, the wife was released early last month but the husband remains in prison as their two children stayed at home without schooling and parenting.

The US Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), Anurima Bhargava hopes the release indicate something positive.

“We hope that it indicates something that is positive which is that the Cuban government realizes that imprisoning a parent for them deciding to educate their child is not something that is in line with religious freedom and the importance of making sure people are able to practice their faith in the way they and their families believe is important,” Bhargava told CBN News.

She’s also calling for the urgent release of Pastor Rigal, especially since his imprisonment puts him at greater risk for contracting COVID-19.

“It’s a concern right now particularly as we see many instances of prisons being a place in which people are contracting the COVID virus,” Bhargava explained.

“To have people who are imprisoned because of their faith and their religious practice is something that is, of course, incredibly concerning at this time where we want people who don’t pose a threat to their community or their society to be home,” she continued.

Religious activities and organizations are to register before any practice in the country as stated by law.

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