Prayer Group offers prayers of Blessing, Encouragement over Health Workers

Members of Unified Coast Prayer Movement gathered at Mississippi hospital in their vehicles to pray for people fighting against coronavirus.

The aim of the meeting is to bless and encourage the brave warriors in the hospital, as said by the Jill Jones, a nurse and the co-pastor of Southern Gate Church.

“We reached out to the staff at Memorial to pray for them, to release the word of the Lord over the airways there and declare healing… to just be a blessing the them,” she said. “It was a bit overwhelming as I looked up and they were on top of the roof and they were in the parking garage.”

“I’m standing under the American flag, the Mississippi flag, and the Memorial flag – all things that I love, and all my sisters in the Lord were around me, just honoring God, but mostly honoring the healthcare workers there, they’re heroes on the frontlines.” She added.

A prayer was also offered to those who took their time to attend the prayer gathering before she played the famous gospel song titled “Raise a Hallelujah” over the loudspeakers.

Jill also emphasized that health workers have been completely dedicated and committed to fight this pandemic and they need prayers to win the battle.

“I believe everybody that works at that hospital is so completely dedicated. It’s important to know that they give it all and for them to know that it’s noticed… but they don’t do it to be noticed. It’s really a call and a commitment.”

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