9/11 Survivor, Survives COVID 19 twice says ‘There is Power in That Name’ Jesus

Christiana and Brian Stanton are 9/11 survivor who almost lost their lives in the black event as their apartment was so close to the World Trade Center’s south tower which made them wrote the book Out of the Shadow of 9/11: An Inspiring Tale of Escape and Transformation. CBNEWS Reports

Last month, the dual were tested positive last month and the battle over survival began. “It was definitely a battle. And you were very cognizant that you were in a battle for your life,” Christina said.

Christiana was hospitalized twice as she almost died twice, stating, “I didn’t have to be hooked up to a ventilator, and that was a big blessing. However, I did visit the hospital twice during this past month, because the virus became overwhelming and it was something I couldn’t manage at home.”

The doctor told her that her survival is a 50/50 chance I said ‘Can you be honest and tell me what are my odds of surviving this?’ And he did actually say ’50/50,’ which was a shocking thing to hear. And some people have said, ‘Wow, that’s not a great bedside manner thing to say.’ But I disagree. I asked him an honest question and he gave me an honest answer.”

This made her to send prayer request to friends she knows all around the world as she once worked with missions and missionaries, knowing full well that it would take more than medical to heal her.
“When I found out I was COVID-positive, within the first couple of hours after that, I had sent out at least a hundred emails or more asking people to pray for me,” she said, recalling how she could actually sense those prayers buoying her up.

“I felt that through the entire process. And there were times when I couldn’t pray for myself,” she admitted. “When you have a temperature over a hundred degrees, it’s really hard to pray or even string a sentence together. And I knew there were people praying for me when I couldn’t pray for myself.”

Christina added, “So prayer is everything. And I invoked the name of Jesus Christ quite a bit during this past month. And there is power in that name and there is power in prayer.”

She now rejoices that neither 9/11 nor COVID-19 taker Brain or her. It’s another angle of Jesus being there when a near-death experience was on my front-doorstep yet again,” she concluded. “I tell people ‘New York keeps trying to kill me!'”

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