In the Midst of COVID-19, God’s Glory is “erupting now”

The Coronavirus pandemic remains one of the events that makes people wonder what God is trying to say at this point in time, Sid Roth who is the host of “It’s Supernatural” told CBN News he believes it is no coincidence the pandemic is occurring now and says God is preparing the church for something great.

He noted that this is a sign among other plaques that God is pouring out His Spirit on believers on the latter days which is accessible by first repentance. Relating what Rev. Tracy Cooke from Miracle Life Tabernacle Ministries said earlier this year that God is using 2020 to “deal with the landscape of the church.”

The television personality said “The major mark of this next move of God’s Spirit is repentance,”. He urges Christians to use this time in quarantine to do two things: repent and pray in tongues “without ceasing.”
“I’m excited about the new beginnings God is giving the church and it starts with us as individuals living in rapid repentance,” he said. “It flat doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world. It’s what’s going on with you.

It’s, ‘Are you living in rapid repentance? AreKi you praying in tongues every moment you have?’
That’s what’s more important because all things work together for good if you are praying in tongues and living your repentant life.” He added.

The earth is evolving with wondrous ways of God and outpouring of the promises on the New Testament. “Around Passover, there will be something supernatural that will happen that will change everything in a good way,” he said.

“I think this is God’s time to have believers operate in all of the promises of the New Testament. The truth is we know how to stand on the Word. We’re experts about that. But how would you like to see the minute you speak, like God spoke everything into creation?”

Talking about doing the greater work as recorded in John 14 which should end up on glorifying God, Roth believes God’s glory is “erupting now.” “I believe many should set their day to operate in the glory because it’s not going to be a superstar movement. It’s going to be one where the church knows we already have a superstar. His name is Jesus or Yeshua, and it’s Yeshua in us the hope of glory.”

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