Over 100,000 Surrender to Christ during Via Easter Virtual Event

Over 100,000 souls in countries across the world surrendered to Christ during a virtual broadcast program organized by Pulse with massive responded to two major events organized by the ministry, Leader Check-In and a Good Friday service.

The event which was held during Good Friday week shows that God is at work even in COVID-19, the founder of Pulse, Nick Hall noted that responses came through international call centers, email, website and text messages.

We were literally getting smartphone photos from all over the world – from Nigeria to India and China – of families gathering in their living rooms, around 18-inch cathode-ray TVs, laptops, and HD screens watching our services,” Hall said. “The doors to our church buildings may have been closed, but the church has not closed. We are living through a Great Quarantine Revival, and I think God is just getting started.”

In a hope to have something special for Easter week in this lock down season were people are forced to stay home and mostly connected to technology, the ministry brought up this unique idea of outreach which have a massive network contacts which can pull broadcasts, translators and follow-up ministries together . Susan Harris, Director of Advancement for Pulse said they were “amazed” and “blown away at how God orchestrated the events and opened doors” for it all to happen in time.

Ministers like Ravi Zacharias a renowned Christian apologist, best-selling author Max Lucado, NFL Super Bowl Champion and Hall of Fame Coach Tony Dungy, Francis Chan, and Rev. Samuel Rodriguez with worship by Lauren Daigle, Michael W. Smith and singing duo Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes where all featured in Pulse’s Good Friday event.

Over 100 countries with translation into 40 languages received the broadcast including Japan, China, Nepal, Thailand, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Ukraine, and Russia, among many others.
“We had translators working in closed countries who were risking their lives to bring this message in their language to their people, because that’s how precious the gospel is to them,” Hall said.

On the other hand, the Leader Check-In program is designed to teach and encourage faith leaders around the world. The event featured Rev. Samuel Rodriguez who said “I am grateful – not for the pandemic, not for COVID-19 – I am grateful that God will turn things around for the collective good of his children,” He continued “He will work these things out: all things work out for the good of those who believe. I am grateful I am alive for such a time as this to experience this fresh awakening.”

Others include Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore, and Grammy Award-winning hip-hop artist Lecrae, as well as public officials, US Senators James Lankford and Tim Scott, who joined the conversation to give updates on the government’s response to COVID-19.

Talking about the bountiful harvest, Hall said; “The fields have never been riper for harvest as people search for hope and meaning during this global pandemic. It may very well be the greatest opportunity we’ve had to share the gospel – but we will miss it if we don’t care for our pastors and ministers now.”

Harris told CBN News Pulse is planning more Leader Check-In events soon, and hopes to make the Good Friday outreach an annual happening. And considering the amazing harvest from this year’s events, she said, just think what can be accomplished for the Lord with more time to plan.

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