Charles Billingsley Credits God for Surviving COVID19, Calls virus Cruel

On March 27, which was the night he had anniversary dinner with his wife, Charles Billingsley began to feel some symptoms, thinking it was just a fever and even joined an online service the next day before the fever raised on the following day which was 29th.

The Christian singer and worship leader isolated himself for the next week, in his conversation with Rick and Bubba radio show, he said “My doctor told me … ‘If you weren’t in half decent shape you’d be dead.”

Billingsley who is also a teaching pastor at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Va., credited the God for the grace to get heal and keeping his family safe. “And somehow, someway, by the grace of God, my family stayed negative the entire time,” Billingsley said.

Although, he was admitted to the hospital at the first week as his condition grew worse, “My blood work and stuff was just off the charts,” he said. “… This is a cruel, cruel virus. It attacks you neurologically and physically.”

Recalling what the doctor told him after spending two nights in the hospital. On his final day, he said the doctor told him, “Your blood work [is] actually worse today than it was yesterday.” She gave him the option of leaving and going home but warned him his lungs might shut down. If that happens, “You won’t get back here … you’ll die.”

He told the doctor: “I think I’m willing to take that chance”
“I came home and just prayed for a miracle,” he told Rick and Bubba.
He began to recover even without ventilator through home oxygen therapy.

“I never had to go on a ventilator. I’ve never had to … go through all those steps that so many other people have had to go through,” Billingsley said.

Billingsley who is also an adjunct professor at Liberty University’s Center for Music and Worship now have another perception to life after his survival.

“It was a real wake-up call for me – just how grateful I am for life. … But also just how important it is to get exercise and be in shape and … just do the things you need to do. Because you never know when something like this is going to hit you. … I hadn’t had a cold in three years.

“… I’ve learned a lot of lessons and I’m just so grateful to be coming out on the other side.”

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