Instagram Live Bible Study with Rapper DMX in bid to stir Hope

Rapper, Earl Simmons with the stage name DMX went on his Instagram page to share the scriptures with his fans in a bid to restore hope even in this pandemic season.

Taking bearing from the book of Ecclesiastes, narrating how the verse is linked with the need to engage in social distancing measures, which reads that there is “a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing.”

“What?!” DMX said, clearly startled by the apt words. “Come on.”

The rapper said everything will still come down to the will of God, “At the end of the day, at the beginning of the day, it’s going to be God’s will. If you try to understand why He does what He does, you’re just going to end up with a headache. Just do the right thing.”

The rapper DMX became a transition deacon in his church and hopes to become a full time pastor just after he announced his intention of entering the ministry in 2012.
In response to that someone said, “He’s been saying he feels called to ministry for a while (which I think isn’t surprising),” one person replied. “I’m thrilled he’s in a good place and seeks to help others find a good place.”

The multi-award-winning artist released a track titled “Jesus Loves Me,” which contained the lyrics: “Jesus loves me, yes I know/ For the Bible tells me so (and I believe it in my soul).”

Jesus loves you, click here to claim it

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