Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi
No matter how valiant a soldier you are, the truth is that no soldier can fight forever…
Time is an inevitable factor that makes change to be constant!
Our fathers have tried!
But please can I ask?

In those years, when the world would be in need of healing, would they be missing Benny Hinn when you’re alive?
Would God be looking for Pastor Chris OYAKHILOME when you’re there?
I wonder how Isaiah was alive and yet God was saying WHO SHALL I SEND?

He was available but was not usable! Oh!
Sir, there is a category of life that death is better than!
Death would rather be a blessing than to have that kind of life.

In the year 1976 when Ebola virus surfaced on the face of the earth, a man surfaced too…

The devil sent Ebola to terrorize the earth, God sent a man to terrorize Ebola.
His name was called John G Lake… I don’t know which school he went to but I know the God he carried.

He was laying his hands on infected patients of Ebola and this taught the medical world that there is something called the supernatural!

Because the slightest contact with the secretion from the contaminated person was all it took to get one infected but a man was laying his hands on contaminated patients of Ebola yet he was not infected.
They called him because they did not understand what formation he was made of….

“Sir! How come you are not infected? You are laying your bare hands on Ebola virus patients!”
He said to them!

Get me the virus! They got the virus from the laboratory, it was alive, drop it on my palm he said! They did! And after a time less than half a minute, he said, take the virus back and check it.

When they did, they found out that it was dead!!!! He said to them “A VIRUS CAN NOT LIVE IN ME, THE GREAT I AM LIVES HERE”
Friend, but do you know that in the year 2014 when Ebola virus surfaced again and killed people like flies, the world began to cry “WHERE ARE OUR JOHN G LAKES??”

Sir! “I know you have prayed alot but can I tell you? You have not prayed enough”…
Until that prayer can answer a question in your generation, it’s not enough sir!

The world is in need and don’t care where they get the solution from! That is why as a believer you don’t have no right to ask a man not to go to a native doctor when you have failed to do for him what a native doctor does…

How can you pray for a sick man and still accuse him of lack of faith because he didn’t recover? No sir! Something is not correct about that theology!

There is got to be more!
There is got to be more!
I know God can not leave us like this. I know you have healed the sick, you have seen the power of God but you see?… There is more!
There is a generation wailing!

What a groaning generation that is facing severe crisis…. Don’t be alive and only succeed in making excuses for us!
God would not miss John G Lake in our time.

“Oh Lord! What will I be doing on earth 20 to 30 years from now when more and more supernaturally born infirmities like Ebola will appear again on the face of the earth that no medicine can answer to?”

I don’t know if you know but 20-30 years from now, the Benny Hinns may not still be on the pulpit, what will you be alive doing then when men are in need of the power of God?

Will they still wish they had Benny when you are there?
No sir!
Don’t do that to the men at the gallery. The cloud of witnesses, the generation that handed over the Gospel to us, that generation is staring at us!

If you don’t want to be driven beyond the normal in God, close this post now and go and play but if you’re part of that generation that would not disappoint God, let us pray!
Friend, I am not feeling fine right now, I don’t know if you’re like me.

“My generation is in dire need of my help….

Jesus loves you, click here to claim it

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