Stronger Together, Weaker Apart: Tony Evans Encourages Unity amid Pandemic Season

Dr. Tony Evans who lost his wife last year has continued to do what he loves doing best by encouraging people and proclaiming God’s word.

But this is coming from different location he is used to, unlike his pulpit but from the center of his living rooming which is his “home pulpit” preaching to a congregation that he deeply loves, due to social distancing enforced by Coronavirus pandemic.

Talking about the lost of his wife in a marriage of nearly 50 years, “I’m taking one day at a time, it’s a roller coaster of uphills and downhills,” he told Christian Headlines.

You can tell in his voice that there is deep grief, yet at the same time, you sense a strength that only comes from having God at the center of his life. “I have to stay on track no matter the hill I’m on,” he asserted.
Dr. Evans has been consistent in preaching the word even in difficult times, one thing all his children said about him is been a man of faith and resolute in his calling to carry out the Word of God.

He has however urged believers to remain one in Christ because “Everything starts with Jesus.” Evans who has written over 100 books, said the theme of his new book Stronger Together, Weaker Apart, we must unify and bring a positive impact to a culture that desperately needs it. “I’ve been concerned that we have let culture determine our value system as a church, and it should be the other way around.” He said.

In a conversation with Christian Headlines Dr. Evans believes that Christ-followers must unite and take hold of the calling that God charged us with – shaping culture for the better.

So how does someone with as many years behind him stay influential in a world that is always looking for the next new thing?
Evans responded to my question with a wink of comical whit. “You’re trying to say I’m old?” he asked before letting out a chuckle and continuing, “I believe God chose me because of the variety of places that I’ve been a part of in life. I’ve been given the opportunity to see how they [the people in these places] work together. I’m also Biblically committed to the Gospel.”

Evans has set foot in many places, giving him a perspective like few others. Yet the purity of the Gospel message has been his bloodline, no matter the place, the people, or the subject matter, everything returns to his foundation in Christ and his understanding of and belief in God’s Word.

“I believe in what God says,” Evans asserted before referencing John 17:22-23 which highlights the call on Evans’ life to work towards unity. The scripture calls for believers to unite and be one with the father and one another.

“For me, Dr. Martin Luther King was a model of someone who built bridges with others and changed a nation,” Evans shared.

He believes that we have been given this same divine proclamation to build bridges with others today. Even those we may not necessarily agree with. A hard charge given that there are many polarizing postulations and political points of view—even within the church.

Amid his new normal of life today, this book brings us all toward the timeless normal of God’s Word, and the unity of the body of Christ. “This book is a little different from others because of its emphasis on unity, prayer, and spiritual warfare,” something Dr. Evans believes the body of Christ needs to partake in right now.

However, like many of his sermons, he always offers hope. Hope to his audience that through Christ, all is possible. “Where your eyes are focused, will determine what you see,” Pastor Evans shared.

When we set our eyes on Christ, Evan shares, a new reality can be born.

Source: Christian Headlines

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