41-year-old pastor becomes the winner of ‘The Voice’

The pastor of Cornerstone Church in Meridian, Mississippi crowned the winner of “The Voice” on Tuesday night.

Todd Tilghman who is also the father of eight kids made a beautiful rendition of of Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band’s “We’ve Got Tonight.” In February before the four-judge panel.

Todd is now the oldest participant to win the contest in of the 18 seasons of the show.

Coach Blake Shelton, who wasn’t surprised by the win said “Todd is every bit as talented as the other four and I think the thing that may have put him over the top is relatability,” Shelton said. “I’m not surprised. He’s somebody everybody hopes they can meet one day.”

“He’s never sang outside of church before. He lives in a small town. He’s got eight kids. Todd’s really what this show is all about. The world should know about these artists,” he added.

During the press conference, Todd said “When my name was called, I blacked out.”
“They tell you backstage that you are going to take that stage with total silence and I was so nervous, but when I got on stage I felt remarkably calm,” Tilghman said. “But once the chairs started turning all the plans went out the window and I just sang the song.”

“My wife, Brooke, told me I would regret it if I didn’t go,” he said. “Thank God for her and thank God I changed my mind and decided to go. It’s been like a dream. Everyone keeps telling me to just soak it in, but it’s hard to do because you just can’t believe you are really there.”

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