Assassination turns to an Encounter with God- Virginia Recounts her Ordeal

A 23-year-old human rights attorney Virginia Prodan shares her story of how she escaped death with the word of God as her weapon in her book, Saving My Assassin.

As a human right attorney, Virginia took to court the Romanian communist and socialist regime to defend her fellow citizen’s right to religious freedom which almost cost her life.

Speaking with CBN News, Virginia said that she was not an hero but God had send her on a mission and she was a tool in Gods hands. Adding that the government that operates was a socialist one whose system places the government as God, not Christ.

Under the regime of dictator Nicolae Ceauscescu in the 1980s, Christians who were found in possession of Bibles or shared Christ with others were thrown in jail, even though the country had religious freedom laws on the books.

Virginia recalled that the laws which was written in books to protect Romanian freedom of religion and freedom of speech was not actually in the real sense meant for protection but was written to make the western civilization believe that there was freedom. However , Virginia used those laws to fight the government.

During her court proceedings, Virginia said that there were representatives from America, France, Isreal, all over the Western Europe who would take notes and send it to their government. This she said was why she was alive and not dead because God protected her. Apart from those representatives who took notes, the attention of western media like Radio Free Europe and Voice of America was also drawn to the case.

The presence of these western media, made her free from the government. Notwithstanding, the government still took its revenge by beating and torturing her outside the courtroom.

Virginia recounted the ordeal of how she was inflicted with pains and in the process she spoke to her oppressors about God’s love towards them which manifested in her too which made them sober. Virginia won all her religious liberty cases till her biggest test came.

Virginia said she received documents that proved the dictator to have lied to America and she took the risk of getting the documents to the Americans trusting God. “It was so risky that when I received this assignment I said Lord, you give them a chance to actually pick up the gun and kill me,” says Virginia.

“I took the job and later on created a pocket in my suit and I put the documents there with the intention to give it to the American embassy the next day because I had a case and I knew that they would be in the courtroom,” explains Virginia. “They took me and they interrogated me, but that day they forgot to search me.”

The documents got to the reach of President Reagan miraculously and this infuriated the Romanian dictator and spurred him to send an assassin as a client in disguise.
According to Virginia, she said the assassin told her he wasn’t a client but he was there to kill her. As the Assassin screamed and pointed a gun to her, she fought back the only way she knew how to. She said
Adding that as she looked at the assassin, she started to share the gospel and as she did so, the assassin melted under God’s power and he left her office a New Man.

Remarkably, instead of taking Virginia’s life, he accepted Christ.

Virginia gave a detailed story of the encounter with the assassin and even featured a chapter written by the assassin on how he was transformed. Virginia currently lives in the United States and is working as a human rights attorney.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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