Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi

It was a city where the immigration officer was a mad man.
Just at the gate there, he had his office…

Jesus entered a city and only a mad man came to greet him because every normal person in Gadara were too busy.

Some were in their farm looking for what to eat for their stomach when Jesus was at their gate, looking for who to heal for their deliverance.

Jesus healed only one man in Gadara!
Jesus preached to only one man!
And that man was a mad man!
Could it mean that Jesus healed him because he was a man who was restless, and shameless enough not be at ease?

A man who was dogged enough to cause a scene.
There is something shameless men need to teach us.
We need to learn a lot from such genre of people.

Beloveth, any day Jesus is passing your city, don’t be a gentle man!
Even so, when Jesus is close by, start praying! Start shouting! Don’t just be cold, He will notice you!

No matters what happens this season, don’t let anything take away your fervency!
Don’t let anything hamper your unusual zeal and passion.

And make sure you’re not talking about the issue of pigs and swines when Jesus has come to clean your city.

We are at the peak of a revival!
Jesus is within!
It’s not time to be resting…

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.