DID YOU KNOW : Jerusalem at one time was called Jebus?

The Bible is the only book that has been translated into more than 3,300 languages, covering nearly 95 percent of the world’s population.

As of 2017, the entire Bible is translated into 670 languages, giving nearly 5.4 billion people access to the entire Bible in their native language. The New Testament and some important parts and stories of the Bible are translated into 2642 languages for approximately one billion people. It is estimated that there are some 3,700 languages – spoken by a population of some 220 million people – for which no translation is available. Most of these people reside in Africa and Asia.

China is not only the largest producer of textiles and manufactured goods in the world; the country is also the largest producer of Bibles.

Jerusalem at one time was called Jebus (Judg 19:10). It was also called Salem (Ps 76:2)(Gen 14:18)(Heb 7:1-2).

Most Christian missions and related activities take place in countries that are predominantly Christian
By mid-2018, 53% of workers are reported to be established in predominantly Christian countries and 47% in non-Christian countries.

Adam’s name is from the Hebrew word a da ma, which means “the ground.”

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