PENIEL 2020 [UNFIT]: We want you Hear your Feedback/ Testimonies

We want to hear from you on what you have learnt during PENIEL 2020 and how it has been able to transform your life.Kindly drop you testimonies and feedback via the comment box below. Thanks.Download the full compilation of all sessions of Peniel’20 Here.


  1. Bro. OLUWASEUN, more grease to your elbow, I’ve been blessed through this program..Thanks to the vessels God has used, Sir God’s gift Unwana(Emotional fitness), Sir Adeniran Oladele(Financial fitness) and Sir Femi Olaniyan(Spiritual fitness). Thanks sir for the voice notes to guide our spiritual fitness.
    Anticipating for Peniel’21 if Jesus tarry.

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  2. Its been Awesome😇😇
    I didn’t come back the same way I participated. I’ve been enlightened,my eyes have been open to see🤗. Now I can confidently say I’m emotionally fit and financially stable👏👏. Tonight is gonna be hot💥
    Don’t miss out!!!

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