Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi

She has a good voice,
She is very beautiful,
She is good but
she is making Demons dance.
Whenever she is singing, she will make even neighbouring evil spirits to dance but can not banish them.

Tell Monalisa that we love her songs and we love her voice but the problem is that we can not continue like this.
We can’t continue following a priest who can not successfully expose us to the very holy of the holies experience.

Monalisa is that choir director in your Church that sing and witches are dancing.
Tell her we love her songs but that 2Face and Lil-wayne can sing that song she is singing for us.

Tell her that the difference between her songs and that of Timaya is that her own should have a touch of eternity and not a touch of this world.

Tell her to go and look for fire!
Micheal Jackson was heavily anointed to the point that people saw him and went flat under a satanic anointing.

Many people gave up Jesus because they fell under an anointing by just seeing Micheal Jackson.

Every prostitute you see in a hotel is on fire.
Every mad man on the street is on fire.
They are under a demonic anointing. Subdued by the very spirit that has gotten them intoxicated.

It’s only Monalisa that wants to trade with clear eyes.
Monalisa is that young man that
has been waking up from sleep every midnight with a nightmare.

He is that young man that one thing or the other is always chasing in his sleep.
Sleep has become sorrow and night has become a terror.

Witches sleep safely at night but Monalisa must sleep and wake up gasping, sometimes sweating.
And some times he is shouting the name of Jesus.

No witch has ever woken up with fear and sweat on account of his prayer, everyday, he is the only one they are chasing.
Never for once has any witch ran to their coven on account of the fire he came back to the street with, only him used to run to the Church; only him!

Please if you know Monalisa, tell her this.
An Apostle would’ve died in the Island of Melita.
We all would’ve said that God took him and would’ve been lying against God.
His name is Paul!

He gathered sticks and there was a viper inside, he carried the viper on his body and it was waiting for the right time to attack so that he will be gone so soon…
Until Paul lighted the Fire!

Tell Monalisa that the cure to that bareness is Fire!
Tell her that if she lights up the fire that some things in her will be restless to maintain their rent and will be forced to go!
Could it be that your life is not taking the shape of the prophecies that has been spoken over you because there is a viper that needs to go????

There are some friends you hold so dear that would reveal their true nature if you light up this fire!
When their is fire, the viper can no longer pretend.

Anywhere you are,
Please this is serious business
Take this post to your place of prayer and begin to pray now or later.

A generation will miss God if you don’t burn now.
Help me Jesus,
My generation is in dire need!

Give me fire or I die.
Let us pray!

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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