Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi

You can call her a witch.
You may call her a demon.
…And anything you like but I want to see her; maybe she would have a word for so many tongue talking ladies in our Churches on that day on how to live a good Christian life.

That lady needs to teach the ladies what she saw that made her that shameless for the Devil.
That is what she is coming to teach.
I am sorry but there is something shameless people need to teach this generation of born again believers.

Did you know?
As you’re busy praying naked at mid nights, asking God to kill your ex boy friend, there is a shameless lady somewhere that is dogged preaching the message Satan gave her without shame.

As you’re busy condemning her, she is busy propagating the message they asked her to preach.

Since we have not heard your own, let us hear her and don’t criticise her if we have not heard your own.

A lady that did that has given up on both people and friends and obviously she has also given up on self and such a person has nothing to lose.

She is not afraid to lose friends or what people will say.
Be careful of any man who has given up on self, that man can do a lot in the spirit.
There is a reason why this generation may never produce another Katherine Khulman and Aimee Sample McPherson kind of women.

It’s because some of the women that are meant to be looking for God now unashamedly are going from one prophet to another looking for a prophet that will prophesy 24hrs proposal to them and one week marriage.

But funny enough, as they are busy gathering the contacts of prophets so they can marry, the Devil is recruiting the ladies that will collect the men from them.
As they are clapping in night vigils for husbands to come while they abandon their biddings and burdens for God, the Devil is dancing and rejoicing because he is satisfying a burden God gave to a woman that would’ve been an impediment to his kingdom tomorrow.

The Devil is laughing at so many ladies today in prayer houses because he has a special package for many of such people.
If you’re too in a haste to marry, the Devil will package one of his cousins for you.
Tell this generation of careful and shameful believer that they don’t look like their fathers

Since January till now, they have never won any soul for Christ they only win souls for Long Rich.
But they are condemning someone who has been recognized all over social media in few days to be a strong evangelist of darkness.
I am sorry but if you have not done more than she did for the Devil for God, you have no right criticize her.

Can we have women again that would rise to bring order to a generation like this in need of the voice of God?
When will we see those genre of women again like Esther that would say, ‘if I perish I perish’ on account of a generation that is facing a death sentence?
I don’t know what they told you but I heard in the generation past that women can pray!
Creature is really groaning!

The whole earth is really messed up…
Waiting for the manifestation of such genre of people that would rise to bring order, with fire in their eyes and wings under their feet and with a voice of a volcano to send the Devil back to hell.
To silence operation and to lift the banner of Christ high.

If you can see this and you’ve taken a decision to make Jesus popular even on social media, please share this to someone and make that decision a reality.
Go back to your prayers again.

Revisit your mandate in God again.
As we trust God for a rushing mighty wind!

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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