There is a possibility where prayer is no longer an event by a way of life.
It has become an unconscious competence
You are not trying to pray but you are just praying

You don’t plan to pray but only for you to discover that tongues is flowing out through your mouth unconsciously
You can’t just allow an hour to pass by without you blasting in capital letter tongues
You are not trying to form, it is your natural life

Your natural experience
You default setting
Your genuine nature
You might not be able to explain this, guess what?

it needs no explanation
Just keep doing it
You are opening the spiritual book written about you in heaven and activating the realities upon your life.

And at the end it will show.
Light breaks forth in the place of prayers
Don’t wait for a time, a place, a gathering, a posture, just pray
As oxygen is to physical life
So is prayer( especially tongues) to spiritual life.

By this reality, the time spent on social media will no longer be a waste, because as you are chatting and replying or liking post and pictures you are also tonguing.
No more waste of time, by the time the day is over, you will realize that you have spent over 10 hours in God’s presence.

By this reality, God’s presence is not a location you visit, it is a life you live, you dwell there, and since you carry God on your inside, The Presence of God is now everywhere you go.

By this reality, you won’t be waiting to charge to take charge of some issues and troubles because you are always charging, your spiritual battery is always charged and there is a power bank always available.

By this new normal, your audio Bible is not far from you, worship is saturated around you, you confess positivity naturally because that is the only thing you can say and nothing else.

In this state, you don’t get ready, you live ready, you are equal to an emergency.
Why waste your time, all you need do is to open your mouth and let it flow softly all through the day.

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Source: P. Daniel Olawande |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.


  1. you hit some really high notes on that one Oluwaseun. Beautiful as a melody. Thank you so much for your post which brought new meaning to praying no matter what surrounds you. Absolutely well done. I am now richer with your learning and I thank you for it.


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