DID YOU KNOW: The first woman recorded singing in the Bible?

  • If you wonder how Christianity has spread to all continents around the world, the answer is a mix of missionaries and colonialism. Today, there are more than 316 000 missionaries traveling the world to spread the words of the Bible.
  • Miriam is the 1st woman recorded singing in the Bible (Ex 15:21).
  • Many people imagine the origin of the Bible as a single book, but it’s, in fact, an anthology of 66 books with various authors. The first printed bible dates back to 1455, and it’s known as the Gutenberg Bible, which is also the first book ever printed.
  • Christianity is the fastest growing religion in Iran.
  • The split between the Catholic tradition and Protestant belief happened because of a man named Martin Luther. In 1517, Luther composed a list of 95 observed concerns about the Catholic Church (called the Ninety-five Theses). The publication of his list sparked a religious revolution across Europe.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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