Grammy Award-winning Christian pop star Rebecca St. James has reemerged after a long hiatus from the Christian entertainment world .

After a longtime vacation, the pop star singer said that God’s call to upend her life in California and move back to Nashville with her family was for such a time as this. Adding that God had radically called her out to release new music and a podcast during tumultuous times.

Speaking with Christian post in an interview, James said she unofficially retired about seven years which was about a year she had her first daughter and about three years ago, God radically called her back into music which has been a big story in itself.

James, in her interview open up to the gifting of God which has to do with music and other things owning up to the fact that she had thought she might never sing again.

Her upcoming album will also be purposefully filed with power-packed songs for churches to connect with the presence of God.

Recalling her experience with God, she said it was a kind of Damascus experience, like scales falling from her eyes and she knew it was God calling her back to music.

James, has been working on a new album for about a year and a half, which is getting wrapped up and to be released mid-July.
The album which is pegged a modern worship album is set to create something that feels very modern and fresh and has this energy and joy, James said. Although adding the album work to also being a wife and mom has been challenging . She added.

“We’re in a space right now where we’re wrapping up the album and it’s just so joyous. Just seeing God bring this project to completion is just really exciting. The single is now on radio; it’s called “Battle Is the Lord’s.” She said

Christian Post has it that the pop star has a podcast known as AccessMore where she and her friends and family authentically tackle subjects such as faith, parenting and relationships. And her upcoming album has been said to be purposefully filed with power-packed songs for churches to connect with the presence of God.

James in her word said the reason for the podcast was for season like this where there is turmoil, confusion , Coronavirus and there is a need for encouragement, hope and love and with this podcast she has been able to achieve that.

“The approach is very relational. It’s very conversational, very story-based, very fly on the wall, people just get in a conversation that is just very real on topics to do with faith and family. So I think the timing of AccessMore, launching this whole platform right now is really pretty profound. Who could have known what we would have been walking through, you know, even months ago?” She said.

With this new approach, James said she would be partnering with other people asides her brother who works on the third podcast due to his practical experience in handling pain.

Talking about Jude, James shared his traumatic experience he and his wife has faced and this is the type of authentic, real moment that will break in the voice of people hearing it.

“So I think we’re capturing a special moment in time right now with a lot of people that I’m partnering with on these podcasts”. She said.

CP: You’ve had seven years where you’re actually living this day to day life like some of your listeners which I assume is very relatable?

Speaking with Christian post, James said she had those times where she has to battle with how to come up with new songs and new content but being off the road for some period, God gave her a fresh well to draw from and to also draw from others.

The pop star went on encouraging people that in this time of coronavirus, she had to look up to God to give her some perspective and help her see His redemption in her family lives and hers.Also with the encouragement nature brings portraying God’s beauty and power creation.

Her song “Battle Is the Lord’s,” has this message of, “Why so heavy all my soul, did you forget who’s in control”, which is the idea of God going before us and Him fighting the battles for us. She urges people to hear it based on its timeliness. right now.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.