Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi

If you check the history of sinners, you will find out that the sinners in our time are the most unfortunate generation of sinners that there has been.
We ought to be pitied.

The people that sinned against God in the 90s had more chances of repentance than us.
They had more preachers and songs that never shied away from telling them that there is a way that seemeth right unto men but the end is destruction.

A man having assaulted his wife at home must surely hear a message from a road side preacher, telling him that he needs to make peace with man to be at peace with Christ.
I am sorry, I know that your Pastor have called all of you to stand and pray against every rapist in your city, for them to die or leave your city but after that would continue his message that made no one go home saying ‘I would serve the Lord’
You all shouted amen and shouted fire and went home and next week, the same thing will continue.

No one’s hardened heart was pricked.
No dry eye shed tears from week to week?
And you said that Church will not birth more rapist than bars and beer parlors in the days to come and now?
Your Church is the problem of your city not any man or even woman.

Because the same armed robbers that terrorize your territory are the same people that sit in your Church every Sunday.
Every sinner in our time is a Christian. That’s the quagmire of this age.
They sing the song of Zion but are still in a strange land.

The problem of this generation is not unbelievers, it’s unrepented believers.
Married to God and yet dating the world. What a time in history.
Tell that pastor that he is our problem. That an unbeliever would come to Church from January to December and nothing touches him for 12 months, including in our mega programs that we spent kingdom money.

No one left saying I will serve the Lord?
No man or woman is a problem in that city except that a dead man is preaching a dead message to a dead people.

From January to December, you all shouted amen and he prophesied and the drug addicts went home with a word of prophecy of how they will blow and buy houses whereas they have not made peace with Jesus.

The prostitutes were anointed and the Pastor saw and said that they will marry this year and never saw the many homes they have broken and the women crying every night to God to release their husbands from her charm.

This generation of Church is in pain and even Satan is shocked that we can forget our root so quick.
There is a popular man of God on every popular program in our city; he got born again in a Church and three months later, he is now a general oversea with several SUVs.

He said that God did not call him to preach to sinners to repent.
He said He called him to bless them and to cause them to be wealthy.
He is going about saying that God did not call him to preach to any sinner to be holy but to make them rich and when they become rich, they can call the holy ones to become their drivers.

What has God done to this generation of Godless men on pulpit?
How can a Godless man lead men to a God he doesn’t know himself?
If you don’t tell anyone the truth and everyone around you have been made to believe a lie

You’re fine, so long as that internet fraudster brings tithe and seed.
Everyone in the congregation, no one has a prayer life.
No Bible study life.
And they are funding your seventy thousand seater auditorium where everyone would gather to dance to a God they don’t know.

Let me announce to you.
A wind is coming….
When it blows, Paul will be separated from Banabas.
Most of those men that are submitting to you now would find God, even if it’s on the street, a fiery rugged street evangelist would lead them to Christ.

And they would start that journey in the spirit that you denied them all this years with your deceptive strategies.
Don’t be proud to be driving Jeeps that a ritualist in your Church bought for you. It’s a shame!
Days are coming when those auditoriums where the voice of every god that is not Jehovah Shammah will be looked for and no one would hear from them again.
And those days are upon us.

Let every man be a liar and let only God be true.
Go and chase the God that would put honour on you in eternity.
If you would need to dedicate your life once again, do and get serious on the real track.

It’s okay to announce to that congregation that you’ve been their enemy all this years but you’ve made peace with Jesus, most of them would love and believe you more.

Because as I am talking to you, most of them have started knowing that you don’t love them and don’t care about their eternity.
Let every man be a liar, let only God be true.
Lord, help us.
Let us pray!

Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.

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