Hunger for More!

Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi

For all the days when hearing people pray, you don’t even want to join, you don’t want to say a word, you just want to be alone.
It looks like no one seem to be seeing what you’re seeing.

Tongues does not make sense again.
You want to pray but you really do not know how to pray your prayer in words or in tongues.

There is an overwhelming desire that is beyond shouting and jumping prayer.
There is a prayer you know that is in your heart but you don’t know the name.

You’re like a pregnant woman.
They bring eba, it’s a problem.
They bring your best soup and it’s like you were given a stone.

You’re at a place where all the messages you’re listening to seem to be shouting too much.
They seem to be speaking too much.
You’re in tears in Church and even on the ground and everyone is wondering what manner of problem you have that is making you behave that way.

Some are even wondering if somebody broke your heart but you know that it’s only God that is doing your heart.
You’ve prayed yet it looks like you’re not praying yet.

You’re in a season when English has finished in the secret place of prayer.
If you tell your pastor this, he may not even understand.

He may even say that you’re planning to fall to Babylon and he will be praying for you not to backslide when actually it’s Jesus that is calling you His bride for intercourse in the secret chambers of eternity.

Please forget anything else anyone will tell you, including me and go and look for the water that you can drink and thirst no more.
What is happening to you can only be explained by immortals and only them can satisfy it.

I would tell you that when ever it’s time for God to help any generation, the spirit of Elijah would hover, seeking to partner with the willing men of that age to birth the agenda of God.

And when that spirit comes upon you! You will seek for what is not popular!
You will look for what no one is looking for.
And this may make usual and conventional people not to want you.

But so long as God wants you, do it the way it’s doing you.
Blast in tongues if it touches you on the road.

You’re not even normal.
Don’t let anyone normalize you that would mean you’ve been diluted.
If you understand this or not, please, let us pray!

Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.

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