Don’t be Kingdom Liability

Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi

Friend can I tell you that it’s not about chanting Lawrence Oyor’s chant and prayer?
We have men like that already.
My problem is not the chant
My problem right now is the sinners on our streets.

We have risen to be that generation that chant and pass a generation of sinners and nothing touches us.
We speak in tongues and pass a man matching to hell and we have nothing to say to them.
It’s painful!

Friend, there is a generation that spoke in tongues more than us that never featured in God’s agenda in their time.
They pray all night yet God has no respect for their voice.

A sentimental generation has risen again. A people given to popular opinion and never spirit opinion.
And there is a young man we are looking for now.
God called to win souls
for Him but he is busy
praying all night and when he sees a sinner when the day breaks, he will pass and say that his time has not yet come.

He will chant Lawrence Oyor’s chant and pass the same sinners he was called to minister to. He will speak in tongues and pass and say he is waiting for an appointed time.
Can I let us know that there is no appointed time for such a person?

He is a kingdom liability!
He is only a business man!
He has no heart for God!
This is how people expire in their waiting seasons!

95% of people that waited on God that never became, this was the challenge!
They don’t know that he that is faithful with little will have more.
And to be neutral means you’ve been diluted.

Host that crusade, let no one come.
Go home and thank God you obeyed.
You’re more valuable than that man that has ignored God’s instruction to start small and yet praying in camps right now for the appointed time to come.

The day he will speak and the sun and the moon will gather.
And 1million people will come to hear him.
I am sorry but there is no appointed time for such a man
Sir, it’s pride that has made you not to start that thing God asked you to do and that is the reason why more can not be given.
Apostle Joshua Selman has been in ministry for at least 20 years now.

No one heard his name
And no one knew he existed.
No one cared to know if he was saying anything all these years.
But he was preaching!
It’s a pity that many of the young people listening to this man of God have missed it.
Apostle Johnson Suleman was in our Church in Umuahia in 2007. I was standing with him side by side.

No one knew him.
In fact, we didn’t have over flows in that program.
He still prophesied.
He still preached and miracles happened yet crowd did not gather for him then.
Until he satisfied the claims of the waiting period.

It was between 2009/2011 that his name went nation wide and subsequently, the world is listening to him now.
He can’t come to your city without stadiums being packed now.
What is it that you said God told you that made you not to be doing anything at all about that calling?

The people of God told me this and that. Hear me ooooooh!
You’re wasting time!
There is a difference between waiting and wasting.
You wait, doing something.
You waste waiting for something.
May God give us understand!
Let us pray!

Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.

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