Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

– An Unfolding Of A New Era
– Release Of Mantles From Heaven
– Receiving Generational Anointings
By Pastor Bimbo Animashaun
Two weeks before Reverend Kenneth E.

Hagin passed on to Glory on September 19, 2003, God spoke to Bishop David Oyedepo, “Someone that’s close to you and so close to you like the cloth you’re putting on is about to leave the scene”.

Papa asked the Lord, “Who?” and God replied, “Kenneth E. Hagin”. Immediately, Papa made plans to fly to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to see Dad Hagin, and Dad Hagin laid hands on him and began to pronounce, “Fresh Oil. Fresh Oil. Fresh Oil. Keep it fresh Lord”.
Then two weeks after, Dad Hagin left the scene. Infact, reports have it that he was waving to “the Body of Christ” while he was transiting this realm to the pinions above.

About two weeks after Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke passed on to Glory on 7th December, 2019, I was preaching for a dear son in Ibadan when I told the people two things that God told me earlier:
I said to them,

(1) “Another general will leave the scene, for year 2020 is a year of transition”.

(2) I heard in the Spirit, “Upon a ‘thousand’ people shall the mantle of Elisha rest”.
Now Dr. Morris is gone home too. There are MANY OTHER PEOPLE that see stuffs of this nature in this Spirit because it’s not a one man show; it’s a generational flow!
One thing to take note of is that many of these generals always have an inkling and “premonition” of their departure before it happens.

Paul had it – 2 Tim.4:6.
Peter had it – 2 Pet.1:14-15.
Archbishop Benson Idahosa had it. He knew that he was going.
Reinhard Bonnke had it; he organized his farewell crusade in Nigeria.

And of course, Dr. Morris Cerrullo had it. He spoke to Dr. Paul Enenche about the vision of Elijah/Elisha transfer of mantle and his “call-up” to Heaven that God showed him.
He also indicated that his apostolic visit to Nigeria at that recent time would be his last apostolic visit to the nation.

Dr. Cerrullo also prophesied about the end-time role of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in uniting the the Body of Christ and what have you.
Now, beyond the “CALL-UP” of these giants of Faith, the Spirit beckons on our generation.

The landscape has been shifted in the Spirit realm, and there’s an unveiling of a new generation. A new generation is rising today:
Word Expositors.

Spirit Demonstrator.
Music Ministers.
Leadership Vessels.
Kingdom Financiers.
And many more!!!

Prepare yourself beloved. Pray more to know where you belong. Study to get understanding. And listen to this dear friend, “FOLLOWERSHIP” is key in this hour of transition.

You must FOLLOW like Elisha to a point where YOU SEE INTO THE SPIRIT to take hold of what God has ordained for you.
It’s a new day! It’s a new time!! It’s a new dawn!!! God’s power is moving again!!!

In the coming days, by God’s Grace, I will be sharing with us things that the Lord has taught me about GENERATIONAL TRANSFER over the years.
For now, keep your eyes and ears open in the Spirit and move with the Glory cloud.
Spring time is here!!!

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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