– Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

In February, 2003, I attended a Ministers’ Conference at Osogbo, South West Nigeria and it was a meeting of a kind as it made an indelible impression on my calling.

In the course of the Conference, one of the guest ministers (a father in the Body of Christ) relayed a vision he saw in 1981 where he saw leading men of God in Nigeria standing before the Throne of God and their weapons and garments were taken and handed over to the younger generation.

He said he saw Pa. S. G. Elton and Archbishop Benson Idahosa among these great servants of God and suddenly, there was an emergence of a formidable troop, clothed with military uniforms and manifesting God’s Glory on all fronts.

According to the man of God, the members of this troop were people who initially looked insignificant but the hand of the Lord came upon them mightily.
I can never quantify the impact of that Conference on my life and ministry.

It helped to lay a formidable foundation for my understanding of the principle of “Generational Transfer” and also prepared my heart to seek the things that would matter in the future.

That same year 2003, precisely on September 19, the great legend of Faith, Dad Hagin passed on to glory, and between then and now, many of God’s choicest servants and handmaidens have taken the bow (I will talk about that later).

The Body of Christ has witnessed different seasons of transition, and we’re undoubtedly IN A SEASON OF TRANSITION.
That God is raising an army today is a fact. That a new generation is coming into the spotlight is a fact.

That there’s transfer of baton in our time is a fact. That there’s a deluge of the former and the latter rain in this hour is a fact.
These spiritual facts are there for those with sharp discerning ability.

However, with this awakening comes a sacred responsibility – THE RESPONSIBILITY TO RECOGNIZE AND EMBRACE VARIETIES!
Variety is the spice of life. And ability to recognize it makes life beautiful and colourful.

While age-long temptations of fleshy passions still subsist, the young minister must however know that his major leverage in this move is to recognize and celebrate VARIETIES.
God is a God of diversity. You can’t box Him into a corner and you can’t restrict Him to your own mode.

He will express Himself freely through men by His Spirit according to His divine prerogative.
Therefore for the young minister, it is time to take root downward and bear fruits upward. It is time to become well grounded and well established in your message.

It is time to understand your calling so well to the extent of knowing its limitations i.e. its boundaries. It is time to develop conviction so that you don’t get swayed by the vogue.
It is time to develop spiritual strength and stamina. It is time to develop confidence in God’s ability within you so that you don’t into insecurity making you to crisscross in the anointing.

Let the Holy Spirit form your message and conviction for you now so that you won’t be changing your emphasis based on pressure.
While there is room for growth, improvement and development in the area of your calling and gifting, you must however not succumb to blackmail or intimidation from anyone.

No man can judge motives; it’s Christ alone Who searches the reins and the hearts – Revelation 2:23.
Therefore be fearless in the pursuit of God’s plan and purpose for your life and lift up your voice with strength.
Just know that “THE GREATEST TEMPTATION” you will face in “the coming days” is the pressure to operate beyond your measure of Grace, in defiance to God’s principle of VARIETIES.

Therefore rise above it and stay in your calling while you grow there, exploring all the possibilities therein to the praise of the Glory of His Name.
Remember always that men can CRITICIZE you but they cannot JUDGE you. They can PRAISE you but they cannot REWARD you.
The Lord is both your REWARDER and your JUDGE!

Therefore serve Him without compromise and let Him cut out your place for you in the next generation.
God’s Grace is sufficient for you!

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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