You too can wrought miracles

Do you know where I can find a blind man? I would be asking around.
People will ask me; What do you need them for?
I will answer; I want to heal them! My Bible said I should heal them!

Do you know where I can get a deaf and dumb person today?
I would ask my course mates and fellowship members and until I found one I may be too restless for many days even to sit down would be a problem because of an overwhelming burden to make the Devil a liar.

And we saw mind blowing miracles everyday on the street and hidden places and yet God never allowed us to talk about them even till date for reasons we’re getting to know little by little.
People would ask me why such boldness?; how does this things happen?
What if you do this one day in public like this and it doesn’t happen?

And I ask them too;
If I pray for a blind man and he sees, who takes the glory? God or me?
God right? Okay.
So if I pray and he doesn’t see who should take the shame?
Me or God?
My dear, it’s not me.
Since I won’t take take glory, why should I take the shame?

Since I won’t take the shame or glory, why should I not boldly pray?
Please this revelation may be what it will take to kick start that healing ministry God has put in your hands. Don’t trivialize it.
There is nothing God can not make out of you when you’ve come to the end of self!
Fear a man who has nothing to lose again! That man is dangerous.
A shameless man is a huge asset in the realm of the spirit.

You must deny yourself if you must transact with God in deep waters.
As you’re reading this, I want you to know that I wrote down this with the singular desire that as you read this, you rise up, look for sick people and do to them what the Bible says a believer should do to the sick.
Please don’t allow this week to pass. This once again, rebel against the Devil! Let the Devil pay for all the days he never allowed you to be wise.

I am praying here that the Holy Ghost would invade your mindset and shift it by revelation once and for all.
You’ve wasted time already.
Don’t allow any escatology or belatologrology or any of the logies that they’ve taught you to stop you.
Many a times God would hardly use a man who know too much.

There is a strategy that God uses to confound the wise, he would use the foolish things of this world.
Don’t allow any Devil convince you into thinking that being a believer only is not abnormal enough to do the supernatural.

I know what they’ve told you; The claims you need to satisfy first before God can do anything through your hands. I am preacher of price too but for this, please if you’re saved, you’ve a default foundation to cast out Devils.

I am talking to that one believer who thinks that God can only use his Pastor.
If it’s God that is using Benny Hin, He can use you too.
That God that has been showing you visions of yourself doing things for Him and has been prompting you sent me to you.
Don’t waste more time!

Walk back to your street and start looking for anyone sick there.
Walk back and look for anyone dead.
I am here praying that the revelation of this will come on you as you see this.
Lord, in my time… Scatter thousands of Benny Hinns all over Nigeria, Africa and the world. Don’t allow this one feel anything otherwise.

We will be many!
Many Elijahs!
That Prophetic and Apostolic order of God!
As we partner with the Holy Ghost, drop a comment on this post “We will be many” and agree to be one of them.
Would you get back to me this week? I want to hear your testimony.

Let us pray!

Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.

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