Facebook Censor Christian ministry, Takes Down Comment, promoting “conversion therapy,”

Facebook is starting to censor a Christian ministry for allegedly promoting “conversion therapy,” removing posts of men and women who were once LGBT-identified to follow Jesus.

Anne Paulk, president of Restored Hope Network, explained to The Christian Post how at the apparent behest of the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters, the social media giant is taking down posts from their most recent conference, saying that they violate “community standards.”

“I find it ironic that Facebook is calling speech that say relational needs have relational answers ‘hate speech’ when the American Family Association literally had death threats against them on Facebook, they reported it to Facebook and they considered that not to be hate speech. And yet the person went to jail over it because it violated standards.

“I find that to be deeply troubling and deeply concerning regarding freedom of speech across the world stage on the largest platform that exists on social media with 2 billion users. They’re trying to shut down voices that they simply disagree with.”

Paulk believes that the intense drive to shut down perspectives on sexuality and gender issues with which they disagree stems from an inability to argue for their own views.

“I think they have an emotional and not a logical or rational response to what’s going on and there is essentially a faith that they’ve ascribed to. They can’t tolerate it because they don’t have a way to defend themselves, I believe.”

She advises other like-minded ministries who use the platform to move their contact points on to a separate database and ensure that people have a way to connect outside of Facebook. RHN has posted on its website a call to action, urging supporters to resist the growing silencing of voices that express a historic Christian sexual ethic.

“‘Conversion therapy’ is often described as using force, abuse or aversive therapy. These are not practiced by Restored Hope Network or any of our member ministries, counselors and churches. Legitimate, licensed counselors do not use such techniques, either. Rumors of such techniques occurring today are absurd,” the call to action reads.

Paulk said that “there are a lot of people who are being impacted by Facebook’s decisions lately that impact conservatives, privacy issues, you name it, issues going on for a long time. But they are now coming to more of a head. They are making more decisions that are putting many people off.” Continue reading on Christian Post.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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