I Have Made Up My Mind – Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo

Do not allow your life to be the trash-can. Do not allow people to make you miss the rapture. Ministry is not the end of it, you are a Christian.

They will offend you, some of them will tell lies, you will be looking for yourself(you will be thinking, did I do it). Make up your mind, be who God ordained you to be. Just decide, it’s a choice!

I have seen things in life, I’ve been lied against, I’ve been betrayed. But I have made up my mind that I will live my life in such a way that my mate will be scarce. I’ve made up my mind that i will live my life in such a way that the anointing I carry will be a rare one.

Do not allow anybody to pollute you. Ministry is full of challenges, be who God has has ordained you to be. Face front!
Stop throwing stones at every dog that barks. While you are going to score a goal, if somebody calls you, “look at him, K-leg”, you don’t leave the ball and say, “is it me you are talking to?”… Face front!

Keep moving..
Keep pushing..
Whether you are running, whether you are crawling, it doesn’t matter.. keep being you!
Incase you don’t know, when you get to the top, you become the talk.

Source: Christian Daily Post

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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