How Success Comes

– Apostle JoshuaSelman

The moment you are seeking it, you will never get it. These things were never designed to be pursued. Life is dimensional as programmed by God and every dimension has the possibilities that are supposed to come.

If you are in level one in your understanding and perception and you want the result of level five, if you get it and bring it to level one, that level (level one) will fight it and send it out of your life.
When you grow, all the realities that accrue that level of growth will come to you.

Success is attracted by who you are becoming, not what you do and get.
The assignment is to journey with the Holy Spirit, as you transit to the next realm, everything around you that is lower than that realm will be instructed to live you.

There is a law that edits your life at every realm.
This is why we are frustrated because some things we are doing, there is law that should have been doing it. But because we do not understand that it has been preprogrammed, we worried over them.

When you are patient and you grow, everything will grow together. The same energy it takes to be fake, is the same energy it takes to be real.
That’s why most of our prayer life are full of request and pains and shouting.

The average prayer life of a believer in Nigeria is need-driven. And there is nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that, it makes no sense to pray for 6hours asking for things. When your prayer life is need-driven, 20mins is fair.

But if the prayer is for intimacy and growth, just saying “thank you” alone can take 1hour… That is how the matures pray!

Source: Christian Daily Post

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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