Where Is God in a Broken Marriage?

Betsy St. Amant Haddox| iBelieve Contributing Writer
In 2012, my husband of eight years started wondering if he should leave me. His internal discontent, unprocessed trauma from tragically losing his mother, and declining spiritual life spiraled faster and faster until he came to a crossroads. He agreed to go on a Christian men’s retreat and said, “if God doesn’t change me while I’m there, then I’m going to have to change something when I get back.”

I knew what that meant. So I fasted and prayed. More than a dozen caring people came to my parent’s home for intercessory prayer. I just knew God was going to heal my husband at this retreat in California, comfort him from his loss, revive him spiritually, and renew his love and commitment to me. Everyone was certain it would play out that way. After all, God isn’t for divorce! Surely He would intervene and change my husband’s heart. This was just the dark, dramatic moment before the Happily Ever After. The uncomfortable night before the redemption.
The brokenness before the restoration! We were going to have a testimony of God’s glory!
Five days later, I picked him up from the airport and he left me that same night.
It was only a few days before Valentines.

Where Is God in a Broken Marriage? He Is Near

I can speak from experience that He is right there in the center of it all, holding your battered heart in His nail-scarred hands. “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit” (Psalm 34:18).When my husband started packing a suitcase and my knees hit the kitchen floor, unable to breathe anything except the name of Jesus, He was there. Breathing for me.

When I spent what would have been my ten-year anniversary alone as a single mom, God was there. Telling me I was loved.

When I laid my husband’s clothes out on the bed and prayed Ezekiel 37 over them, begging dry bones to live, God was there. Reminding me He was sovereign.When I couldn’t go to work one day at my part-time job because I couldn’t stop crying, God was there—in the gentle voice of my understanding boss, in the hugs of my co-workers, and in the encouraging letters mailed by friends.

When I made bad rebound dating choice after dating choice in my pain, God was there. Assuring me I would turn back (Luke 22:30-32).

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