Track Record

– Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi

There may be no place where they will believe in you now more than that place where God began with you.
They saw you when you were a chain smoker.

They saw when the Devil was drinking mirinda with your life.
If they see you carrying the Bible now and miracles are happening, they will not say you’re using juju.

If they hear you sing now and God is moving, they will worship God more for the Israel He has made out of Jacob.
A man that has track record amongst the saints is not easily criticized!

Don’t leave a small Church where you’re useful to go to a big Church where you will be useless.
How can you leave a Church where God is helping you to go to a Church where you will be helping yourself?

Don’t leave the Church where you’re helping to do one thing or the other to go to a Church where you will be lost in the crowd.
Don’t leave a place where God planted you to go to a place where you will plant yourself.

You will canvass for nutrient by yourself.
If they are just two persons there and you’re useful to God there, stay there. It’s better than going to where they are a million and your become a burden to the kingdom of God.

You’re the one that is playing all the instruments there.
Sing in Choir!
You will arrange the chairs.
You were also the one to welcome people to Church.
Please don’t complain!

Allow Zion to use you!
It’s better for God to use you than for any man or the government of any nation to use you.
15 years from today, you will know that you didn’t waste your time serving God.
Even if no one appreciates you, please strengthen yourself in the Lord and stay on your post.

When the Lord surfaces with His reward, now or even later, you would’ve secured the destiny of everyone that would come from your loins till the end of this age.
The first gathering where people prayed like dying men in 1914. Smiles.

© Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.

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