Let Judas go!!!

You’ve seen your hands heal the sick,
Your songs are routing great moves in different territories.
You even raised the dead.

There are seasons you may need to share them as testimonies and there are seasons to beg God to help you forget them if your hand will ever touch Glory again.
Everyday is not for praying for fire oh, there days to beg God to help you forget that you’ve ever been on fire!

They prayed for many days and nothing happened.
The more they longed for the Holy Ghost, the more He was still no where to be found.
And at once, Peter discerned that Judas needed to be replaced first.
And his seat given to another.

Judas was dead yet still had a seat??
Judas is dead but his seat is still with you??
Judas is that thing God did in the past amongst you that is standing in the way of what He wants to do now!
Oh! Chai!

They were seeking for the coming of a new Spirit, carrying the seat of an old dead man with them.
They still wanted to maintain their relationship with the dead at the expense of the new Living God.

But when they came to the realization.
The seat of Judas needed to be given to another, a new living man, before the disciples could see that mighty move of God at the upper room;

Friend, I know there is a dimension of God you seek but there is a certain dimension of men in your life that would need to leave first if you would ever see the face of God in this only one life you have.

Lord, I have only one life to live!
How can I live and die and tell my generation that the reason why I didn’t touch new fire of God was because I kept relationship with the old Fire???

Some relationships would need to leave you if you would see God more than this.
The fire of yesterday is not qualified to stand in the way of the fire of today.
Let yesterday be, so that God can do more today.

The fire of yesterday is the reason today’s fire is yet come!
Let Judas go!!!
So that more can come!

Declare with me: Let Judas go!!!
My heart is burdened,
Someone who is willing,
Let us pray!

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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