Remain High on the Holy Ghost
-Dr Pastor Paul Enenche on ‘Dimensions of the Holy Spirit’.
Three Sundays ago we started a series on Dimensions of the Holy Spirit. We have looked at fifteen so far, I’d like to continue.
16. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Power.

Micah 3:8, Romans 15 : 19. The Spirit of God is the spirit of power, the possession of the spirit is the possession of power. It is the impartation of supernatural abilities to do three things; Overcome resistance, Initiate motion, Create change.

If you are here today and there is something resisting your destiny, that resistance is broken today in the Name of Jesus.
17. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth and Revelation. John 14: 16, Ephesians 1:17. It is the opening up of depths of light and insight out of Scripture. 1 Corinth 2: 9-10. When you are possessed by the spirit of God, He opens up to you depths of the Scripture. 1st Peter 4:14, Psalm 84: 11, Exodus 33:18- 19.

18. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Glory. The Holy Spirit connects the saint with the goodness and almightiness of God.
19. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Judgment and burning. Isaiah 4:4, Act 5 1:10. It stirs holy anger and indignation against the enemy and his activities resulting in judgmental declarations and manifestation.
20. He is the Spirit of Sonship and Adoption.

Romans 8:15, John 3:6. It is the establishment of the consciousness of our Sonship status. There is a knowing inside you that you are not ordinary. Every slavery mentality dies right now!
One key to experiencing the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

Ephesians 5:18 – 20.
Remain full of the Holy Ghost. Be high on the Holy Ghost, it is a better high than tramadol or cocaine high. Fullness of praise, fullness of thanksgiving, fullness of the Spirit, fullness of joy.

Don’t allow depression to ruin your life, life is too short to waste it on sadness. Remain high on the Holy Ghost, high in the Holy Spirit.

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Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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