Message Title: ‘Understanding How God Leads. PT. 5
Destiny in the kingdom is an adventure, not a destination. Is. 48:

How To Access Divine Guidance:
1. Through the witness of the Spirit. Acts 10:19-20; Rom. 8:14-16
You can’t pick the signal of the Spirit, except you are in the Spirit. Rev. 2:7
2. Through prayers of inquiry. 2 Sam. 5:22-23

The prayer of inquiry helps to guide our feet on the right part.
Biblical Proof Of Being Led By God
1. Supernatural zeal. Jer. 20:9

2 Divine protection. Ps. 23:1-6
This is a significant proof of God’s leading.
‘Covenant Day Of All Round Rest Ministration

We have the blessings of all round rest in redemption. Jn. 10:10
To Experience The Reality Of All Round Rest:
We need the working knowledge to take delivery of all round rest.
There is no provision of scripture that drops on your lap, you work it out.

1. You must be born again. Rev. 3:20
At new birth, the Prince of peace resides in you, so you have a fountain of peace. Is. 9:6
Salvation must be experienced not appropriated..

2. You must seek to know the truth concerning our all round rest in Christ. Is. 59:8
3. You must continue to grow our faith in the Word, concerning your all round rest. Ps. 23:1-6

4. You must remain in love with God, in truth and in deed. Rom. 8:28

5. Every soul winner is a distributor of peace. Eph. 6:15

You don’t lack what you give, you only lack what you keep.
What you gives multiplies. Gen. 8:22

6. Be committed to worshiping God. Ps. 132: 13-16

7. Enter into a covenant to keep serving God and the interest of His kingdom. 2 Chron. 15:14.

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Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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