-Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

There’s this wisdom that God taught me early in ministry, and by God’s Grace it has helped me a great deal, and that’s RELATING WITH GOD’S TREASURE IN MEN.

It has helped my ministry, destroyed stereotypes and opened new horizons for me.
I have seen young ministers who cut off from people whom they felt didn’t have “DEPTHS” (in their own words).

You see, not every minister will break or dissect Pauline exegesis like Dad Hagin or Kenneth Copeland or Andrew Wommack, and that’s simply the truth.

The goal of Satan is to focus your attention on “WHAT IS NOT THERE” so that you won’t see WHAT IS THERE, and more often, WHAT IS THERE is designed to add great value to your own calling and ministry.

An advanced level of this Satanic ploy is to focus your attention on what appears to be human frailties in God’s ministers so as to blur your view of GOD’S TREASURE in them.
Now, to set the record straight, it is important to realize that all of us are a work in progress. WE’RE NOT PERFECT YET; WE’RE ONLY BEING PERFECTED.

Great men of God in Scriptures had their fair share of the need to grow gradually into “perfection”.
Virtually all of them had one human “frailty” or the other that they were dealing with, yet God did not use that as a basis to ask people not to FOLLOW them.

Moses got angry at a point yet the Bible says he was THE MEEKEST MAN on the face of the earth in his time – Num.12:3.
David committed a moral blunder at a point, got over it with genuine repentance and moved on, and then God said he was a man after His heart – Acts 13:22.

Elijah at a time got angry with two sets of soldiers and he called fire down from Heaven to consume them, yet he still did ministry up to the point of transferring the baton to the next generation as personified by Elisha – 1Kgs.1:9-12, 2Kgs.2:11-15.

Now it didn’t stop there; even centuries after he was taken to Heaven, God still deemed it fit to release his spirit and anointing on a future generation, as personified by John the Baptist – Lk.1:17.

Yet that was a man who was not free of human frailties!
You remember Peter too; he denied the Lord thrice, repented and got over it, and then God chose him to be the leading voice in the apostolic band – Acts 1:15, Acts 2:24.
The list goes on and on dear servant of God. If you’re waiting to get PERFECT MINISTERS, you may wait forever.

The Word of God declares:

But we have THIS TREASURE IN EARTHEN VESSELS, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.
The TREASURE of God is still in EARTHEN VESSELS, and those earthen vessels are not perfect but undergoing daily process of refinement while we all look up to Christ as the Perfect Picture to Whom we conform – 2 Cor.3:18.

It is fallacious to think that you will get “PERFECT MINISTERS”.
Of course in ministry, the standard is very high to reflect Christ in all that we do because as people are following us, we too are following Christ – 1 Cor.11:1.

But we all are a work in progress. Don’t peg your ministry by always finding faults in other men; trust the Grace of God in them and pray for them because you too have your own “stuffs”.

Now this is with exception to people who have chosen to become adamant, reprobate, unbendable, and are gradually slipping into apostasy.
I didn’t say you should company with such people. NO NO NO!!! The best you can do for such people is to interede but DON’T BECOME “INTIMATE” with them. I hope my point is clear Sir and Ma?

That has answered one or two questions in that direction that may arise from this post.
But when people are overtaken in a fault and are sincere with the process of restoration, the Word doesn’t say to discard them.

No, it says to RESTORE SUCH IN THE SPIRIT OF MEEKNESS – Gal.6:1. We really need to be meek with one another.
Preaching against anyone who had a moral difficulty but repented genuinely and has moved on with his life and ministry is purely SATANIC.

That’s not rightly discerning the Lord’s Body. That’s playing God. And that’s sowing seeds that can obliterate one’s posterity in ministry.
God is God and man is man. It is THE GOD FACTOR in us that makes people to call us MEN OF GOD. Outside of God, we’re empty shells!

As I close, this is just a piece of advice to young ministers like me: stop saying that Pastor So-and-so is not deep, Reverend So-and-so does not have flows, Prophet So-and-so is not tush, Bishop So-and-so is too flamboyant and Apostle So-and-so is too outspoken.

The commonest one that I have seen being said over and over again by young ministers is that SOME FATHERS ARE NOT DEEP. It’s even difficult to type such words but with great reluctance.

How do you define depth? You had better ask God to open your eyes and see THE REAL TREASURE in people’s callings and stop comparing ministers because THE “GRACE” OF GOD IS PACKAGED IN MEN and it manifests in different dimensions for our lifting and profiting.

I hope this is a blessing Sirs and Mas?

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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